Title Issued Updated
DIRECTIVE: CBTF Policy on Equitable Competition and the WBTF International Cup and IC Qualifier

When entering the WBTF International Cup and International Cup Qualifier, it is the responsibility of coach and athlete to enter the appropriate International Cup level based on the athlete's true proficiency of skill and experience.

01-Nov-2015 7 years 2 months ago
DIRECTIVE: Compulsory/Short Program Suit for 2010 Competition Season

For the 2010 competition season, the Compulsory Suit dress code requirements will remain relaxed.

21-Jan-2010 14 years 4 months ago
DIRECTIVE: Hiring USTA Judges for 2009 Competitive Season

Note: This Directive for the 2009 Season was review and replaced with a permanent policy: This Directive has been revised and replaced with the Hiring Policy of USTA and WBTF Judges.

For the year 2009, the CBTF will permit provincial associations to hire certified United States Twirling Association (USTA) Judges for their open and provincial competitions providing the following conditions are met:

09-Feb-2009 15 years 3 months ago
DIRECTIVE: Provinces that use the Graded System for Juvenile Athletes

At the 2013 Maple Leaf Open Competition, all primary athletes will be graded (gold, silver, bronze) and all juvenile athletes will be scored and ranked.

14-Feb-2013 11 years 3 months ago
DIRECTIVE: Running IC Events at CBTF Open Competitions

Competition Directors may optionally offer the WBTF International Cup events at their Open competitions. They may offer these events in either a critique or a scored situation. Since their are no official WBTF scoresheets for these two events, the CBTF Technical Chair has issued the attached Directive for Competition Directors choosing to offer these events at their competitions.

01-Mar-2017 7 years 2 months ago
DIRECTIVE: Tabulation of Freestyle, Pair and Team including Drop Penalties

Consistent with the 2011 WBTF rule changes to include drop penalties for the Freestyle, Pair and Team events, that the CBTF adopted at its 2011 Fall Board Meeting, CBTF Competition Directors shall now include a deduction for drop penalties in those events.

04-Apr-2012 12 years 1 month ago
DIRECTIVE: To All Coaches for the 2009-10 Competition Season

Proper technique of baton and body work is a high priority for CBTF. The following elements will be given special attention and focus during the 2009-10 competitive season. CBTF wants everyone to address them immediately on all levels of twirling; from the recreational level to elite.

15-Oct-2009 14 years 7 months ago
DIRECTIVE: To All Judges for the 2009-10 Competition Season

Please put comments, at the bottom of the score sheets, on the four items below. We have to draw attention to these infractions from the Pre-events to the Elite levels.

15-Oct-2009 14 years 7 months ago