DIRECTIVE: To All Judges for the 2009-10 Competition Season

Please put comments, at the bottom of the score sheets, on the four items below. We have to draw attention to these infractions from the Pre-events to the Elite levels.

Suggest doing the following:

Very Few Few Often Continuous

Check a box that relates to their performance OR write a comment, in the appropriate caption, if these technique problems show in their performances.

Stress the importance of addressing these errors.

There are no penalties, at this time, but want them to address these, as it does affect their overall score.

Proper technique of baton and body work is a high priority for CBTF. The following elements will be given special attention and focus during the 2009-10 competitive season. CBTF wants everyone to address them immediately on all levels of twirling; from the recreational level to elite.

  • Tossing from the centre of the baton: Must have full hand in the middle third of the baton for proper releases. Exceptions: ball and socket releases.
  • Cross over of feet on spins: Push off foot should be directly in front of body at point of releases.
  • Double footing or Touch Downs on Spins: No credit given with immediate double footing (doing turns, not spins). For full credit, must spin on ball of one foot.
  • Touching hand or foot down on Illusions: Improper technique. Credit not given.