2024 Canadian Winner/Championship

April 25, 2024 - The Competition Brochure for the 2024 Canadian Winner/Championship is attached and has been updated to include JotForm links for the Individual Entry, the Group Entry, Practice Gym Rentals, Coach Registration, and Souvenir Program Advertising.

The General Information brochure is attached below and contains important information for everyone attending the 2024 Canadian Winner/Championship and Maple Leaf Open. Please read that document.

A few important details:

December 2, 2023 - The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is pleased to announce the following judges have accepted a position on the panel for the 2024 Canadian Winner/Championship in Ontario:

March 24, 2024 - The map below shows the relative locations of the 2024 Canadian Winner/Championship competition venue (Durham College), the Residence and Conference Centre, and Pearson International Airport.

This is a Stay to Play competition and the CBTF Stay to Play Policy is in effect. Participants must stay at one of two host accommodation options.

March 20, 2024 - Dana Peteleski, CBTF Technical Chair, today announced the result of the compulsory draw for the 2024 Canadian Winner/Championship, in the Level BI Freestyle division.

Level Level BI (all age divisions): SET A