DIRECTIVE: To All Coaches for the 2009-10 Competition Season

Proper technique of baton and body work is a high priority for CBTF. The following elements will be given special attention and focus during the 2009-10 competitive season. CBTF wants everyone to address them immediately on all levels of twirling; from the recreational level to elite.

  • Tossing from the centre of the baton: Must have full hand in the middle third of the baton for proper releases. Exceptions: ball and socket releases.
  • Cross over of feet on spins: Push off foot should be directly in front of body at point of releases.
  • Double footing or Touch Downs on Spins: No credit given with immediate double footing (doing turns, not spins). For full credit, must spin on ball of one foot.
  • Touching hand or foot down on Illusions: Improper technique. Credit not given.

It is your responsibility to stress these points continually in training.