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November 3, 2019 - The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is now accepting applications for the position of Team Manager for the Canadian Contingent to the 2020 WBTF World Championship in Riccione, Italy.

CBTF will select one Team Manager, who will be responsible for the World Championship and travel with the contingent. This is an honorary position - no salary or honorarium will be paid beyond travel and living expenses.

October 28, 2019 - CBTF- and USTA/WBTF-certified Judges are invited to submit an application to judge at the following 2020 National and International competitions:

CBTF-certified coaches are governed by the CBTF Coaches Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. The goals of the CBTF Coaching Certification program are many: 

The pre-requisites to taking the Competition 1 course are:

  1. You must be 16 years of age to apply for the THEORY portion of the course.
  2. You must be fully certified at the Baton Twirling Foundations level to take the PRACTICAL portion of the Competition 1 Coaching Course.
  3. You must have general knowledge of the skills in the SDP Bronze Pin through Silver Pin.
  4. You must have good knowledge of the Pre-Competitive Level II standard routines.
  5. You must hold a Technical Association membership within your province.

The pre-requisites to taking the Baton Twirling Foundations course are:

  1. You must be 15 years of age to apply for the THEORY portion of the course.
  2. You must have general knowledge of and ability to demonstrate the skills in the SDP White through Bronze Pin.
  3. You must have general knowledge of and ability to demonstrate the Pre-Competitive Level I & II standard routines.
  4. You must have a Mentor Coach in place.
  5. You must hold a Technical Association membership within your province.

The pre-requisites for taking the Coach-In-Training Course are:

  1. You must be 13 years of age
  2. You must be registered with a club and hold a membership in your provincial association
  3. You must have a Mentor Coach in place

The CIT Course is an optional two-year course, that will provide you with valuable learning and experience leading up to taking the Baton Twirling Foundations course when you are 15 years of age

Minutes from the various meetings that were held at the 2019 Fall Conference are attached:

Location: University of Regina
Regina, SK
Entry Deadline: TBD
Sanction: SBTA: SK-2019-105 / SK-2019-106
CBTF: Pending
Event Registrar:
Location: University of Regina
Regina, SK
Entry Deadline: TBD
Sanction: SBTA: SK-2019-104
CBTF: Pending
Event Contact:
Location: Campbell Collegiate (18th)
102 Massey Road
Regina, SK

University of Regina (19th)
Regina, SK
Entry Deadline: TBD
Sanction: SBTA: SK-2019-102 / SK-2019-103
CBTF: Pending
Event Contact:
Location: École Sainte-Thérèse School
500 Notre-Dame St
Dieppe, NB
Entry Deadline: 2019-11-2
Sanction: BNB: Pending
CBTF: Pending
Event Contact:

September 2019 - CBTF Protocol for music naming and tagging, revised as of September 2019.


The following club codes have been assigned from previous Canadian Winner/Championship competitions. If your club is not listed and you need a Club Code, please use the Contact Us page.

Coaching Aids
Judging Aids

Slides and video from the What's New in CBTF webinar kick-off to the 2029-20 season.

The webinar was held October 27 2019. Topics included:

Location: TBD
Entry Deadline: TBD
Sanction: Pending
Event Coordinator: TBD
Event Registrar: TBD

Brochure and Entry Form will be attached when they are ready.

Coaching Aids

The 2019 Canadians Focus Meeting contains 22 separate segments - BTF Theory, the Skills Development Program, the CBTF Pre-Competitive Program, a Five-Year Illusion Development program and a Wrap-Up segment. These must be viewed in order, and there are short quizzes along the way.

Coaching Aids

The CBTF Coach-In-Training Program consists of some Theory content, and Practical in-class experience with your Mentor Coach and with Community Development.

Judging Aids

The Update-Certified Focus Meeting from the 2019 Canadian Winner/Championships was recorded by the CBTF Technical Committee for use as an Update as required by judges holding M2, M3 or WBTF Master Judge certifications.


To use the online form:

  • Type your information into the appropriate box and click the Submit button.
  • Fields marked with the * are mandatory and must be provided.
  • The request will be sent directly to the CBTF Technical Chair for consideration by the Education Committee.

If there are any questions with your application, you will be contacted at the Contact Email address you enter below - please enter a working email address and one that you check regularly.

Part A
Applicant Identification
The applicant must be a member in good standing, and hold a current Technical membership.
Years as a member of CBTF
Part B - Qualifications
If you are a Course Conductor for other CBTF courses, please list any courses that you have previously instructed. For each course, include the Date, Location, and Course Coordinator's Name and Email address.
Please list all CBTF courses of which you are currently a Course Conductor. For example, "Coaches Level 1", "Adjudicator S2".
I have participated in the following Updates/Seminars/Focus Meetings that pertain to the courses for which I am applying to become a Course Conductor. For each update, include the Date, Location/Event, and Presenter(s).
Part C - Experience
Briefly describe your experience with the CBTF Skills Development Program
Briefly describe your coaching experience and indicate which level(s) of athletes you have coached
Briefly describe your judging experience
List any Provincial and/or National Technical or Board positions you have held or currently hold. Include organization and dates.
List all relevant experience in instructing, public speaking, presentations, seminars and/or classes (provide documentation of any certifications if applicable)
Provide any other qualities, attributes and experience you have that would, in your opinion, meet the CBTF Course Conductor expectations and standards
Describe any activities, projects, or programs that you have undertaken to support the CBTF SDP, Coaches and/or Judges programs
List any volunteer contributions you have made to your provincial baton association, the CBTF, or the WBTF
You may provide a letter of endorsement for your application:
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg pdf doc docx.

The aim of the Judge's Code of Ethics is to promote high standards of professional conduct.

The Code's application, with prescribed rules of conduct, pertains to professional relationships and problems relevant to the sport baton twirling. Compliance is compulsory. All members must agree to abide by all rules of CBTF.

All the documents a Competition Director needs... The Competition Score Sheet CD is available for download. Files can be downloaded individually or as a complete archive.

Please take a moment to ensure you have the most up-to-date version on-hand for your competitions.

Revisions for the 2019-20 Competition Season