DIRECTIVE: Hiring USTA Judges for 2009 Competitive Season

Note: This Directive for the 2009 Season was review and replaced with a permanent policy: This Directive has been revised and replaced with the Hiring Policy of USTA and WBTF Judges.

For the year 2009, the CBTF will permit provincial associations to hire certified United States Twirling Association (USTA) Judges for their open and provincial competitions providing the following conditions are met:

  1. First and foremost, CBTF judges must be given priority for judging assignments and USTA judges only hired when all attempts to hire CBTF judges have been exhausted.
  2. Judge must be a member in good standing with the United States Twirling Association (USTA) and be certified to judge current World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) Team Trial and International Cup events.
  3. Judge must register with CBTF as a Type C Member (Technical Association) and pay the applicable “new member” membership fee in the province she/he will be judging in.  The province may choose to pay the fee on the judge’s behalf but it must be paid in full, in Canadian funds, before the competition date.
  4. Judge can only judge open and provincial competitions; will not be hired to judge our Canadian Team Trials and/or Championships.
  5. The Head Judge for each competition must be a CBTF judge.
  6. USTA judges will receive the same hourly judging rate, per diem rate and travel mileage rate as CBTF judges.  Payment will be made in Canadian funds.
  7. Uniform requirements – red jacket & black pants (CBTF uniform) or black suit (WBTF uniform).
  8. Each USTA judge must be provided with current CBTF Role Model DVD, sample of CBTF score sheets of events they will judge, copy of competition brochure, copy of 2008 Talking Technically and any other information deemed necessary by the provincial technical chair, provincial judges rep and competition director prior to the competition.
  9. USTA judges may be hired to judge the following CBTF events:
    • Solo, 2-Baton & 3-Baton - using WBTF International Cup judging & scoring procedures and the WBTF role model videos for these events
    • Level A Compulsories, Short Program, Level A & B Freestyles, Pairs & Teams  – using WBTF World Championship judging & scoring procedures and the WBTF role model videos for these events
  10. USTA judges may not judge the following events:
    • CBTF Pre-Events
    • CBTF Medley events
    • CBTF Solo Dance Twirl events
    • CBTF Duet events
    • CBTF Level C & B Compulsories
    • CBTF Dance Twirl Team events
    • CBTF Corps events
  11. Only those USTA judges listed on the current USTA Judges List can be contacted.  This list shall be provided to provinces requesting them through Karen Gratton, CBTF Technical Chairperson.  Please do not contact USTA directly to obtain this listing.



The Directive that was approved for the 2008 competition season shall be extended to include the 2009 competition season.

This Directive shall be reviewed at the 2009 CBTF Summer Board of Directors Meeting.

Should any Competition Director be interested in hiring USTA Judges, they should obtain the current listing of USTA judges from Karen Gratton - please do not contact the USTA directly to obtain this listing.