December 13, 2020 - As part of its response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Response, the CBTF Technical and Education Committees have prepared charts to describe the various combinations of Competitive and Pre-Competitive opportunities for the 2020-21 season.

Provinical health guidelines and provincial Return to Sport phases/restrictions must always be followed. These opportunities exist within those protocols. For example, Pair/Duet or group events cannot be offered if that type of activity is not allowed based on your province's Return to Sport phase.

April 20, 2021 - This is a preliminary schedule for the competition. A more detailed schedule will be published on May 31 2021.

Manitoba Baton has created a Saturday Night Inspiration Series on Zoom. It's Free!

What is the Saturday Night Inspiration Series? It is a casual and fun Q & A where we are featuring guests who inspire us. Sessions are hosted by Kristin Macaraeg.

The lineup is, out of this world, incredible! You really won't want to miss it. We hope that you all will attend and invite your friends to join as well.

When the WBTF introduced Short Program, it was a Seniors-only event that replaced Compulsory Moves in the Freestyle competition. They have recently introduced a Junior version of the Short Program, and it has now replaced Compulsory Moves for Junior.

Updated February 9, 2021 - CBTF continues to monitor the impact of the Coronavirus on public events as it affects us during our competition season.

On January 30, the WBTF Board of Directors met via Zoom for their Winter Board Meeting and made the decision to postpone the World Championship scheduled for August 2021 until a later time. The full text of the announcement is attached below. Separately, the European Commission of the WBTF also decided to postpone the 2021 European Cup.

November 15, 2020 - At the 2020 Fall Conference, Freestyle and Pair Requirements and Content Restrictions were approved and are effective January 1, 2021. These Suggested Requirements and Content Restrictions have been packaged into the attached document, for easy reference.

Nominations for positions on the CBTF Executive and Technical Committee are now being accepted. Both the nominator and the nominee must be CBTF members (nominees, if successful, must upgrade to a Full Membership or equivalent).

The deadline for nominations to be received by the Nomination Committee is August 15, 2020 (refer to the Nomination Form for email addresses). Elections will be held at the CBTF Annual General Meeting, during the online Fall Conference.

April 28, 2020 - The CBTF Education Committee and Sara Mougeot, CBTF SDP Rep, are pleased to share this information on the Online SDP Testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online SDP Testing will begin on May 1 - Testing video must be submitted using the website: sdp-online.cbtf.ca.

Onsight Photo, the exclusive photographer at the 2020 Pan-Pacific Cup, has an online order form for anyone interested in purchasing photos from the competition.


February 9, 2020 - Today the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is pleased to announce the Team Manager for the Canadian Contingent to the 2020 WBTF World Championship in Riccione, Italy. Steven Kopas has been selected as the World Championship Contingent Team Manager.

The CBTF Executive acted as the selection committee. The committee was chaired by President (CBTF President).

February 9, 2020 - The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is pleased to announce the selection of the following judges for the 2020 Canadian Team Trials in Regina, Saskatchewan:

February 9, 2020 - The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is pleased to announce the selection of the following judges for the 2020 Canadian Winner/Championship in Moncton, New Brunswick:

The 2020 Pan-Pacific Cup Organizing Committee has prepared a Guide Book that is full of useful information that will make your stay more enjoyable.

We wish everyone safe travels, and hope you have a wonderful stay in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

The Set System for the 2020 Pan-Pacific Cup has Open Gym practice times have been posted on the WBTF website (full announcement) and is also attached below.

The daily schedule for the 2020 Pan-Pacific Cup is attached below.

November 3, 2019 - The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation is now accepting applications for the position of Team Manager for the Canadian Contingent to the 2020 WBTF World Championship in Riccione, Italy.

CBTF will select one Team Manager, who will be responsible for the World Championship and travel with the contingent. This is an honorary position - no salary or honorarium will be paid beyond travel and living expenses.

October 28, 2019 - CBTF- and USTA/WBTF-certified Judges are invited to submit an application to judge at the following 2020 National and International competitions:

Attached is the order form for the new graded medals for this season, please forward this information to your provincial/club awards reps.

Orders are shipped directly to clubs/provinces from Barker's Trophies in Regina, SK. Shipping is by Canada Post unless otherwise specified - the anticipated shipping date will be the first week of January.

CBTF will invoice clubs/provinces directly - charges will include shipping and GST. Invoices are payable upon receipt. The per-medal cost will depend on the total number of medals ordered.

As we begin the 2011 competition season, it is always good for coaches and judges to review, update and refresh in all of the events. For the Medley event, it is important that everyone is knowledgeable and completely understands the concept and all changes to the scoresheet. The following MEDLEY event information is for you to peruse, adapt and ask questions if need be.

The position of Athletes' Representative on the CBTF Technical Committee and Board of Directors is scheduled for election this year.

At the 2018 Fall Conference, the CBTF Board of Directors agreed to a new procedure for the election of the Athletes' Representative and this procedure will be in effect for the 2019-21 term.