Benefits of CBTF Membership

I.     The CBTF National Skills Development Program (Badge Program) – This program serves as an incentive and motivator to athletes of all levels. It is designed to teach athletes correct baton and dance basics and standardizes sport terminology across Canada. This program serves to develop athletes’ abilities from the recreational to the advance levels.  New coaches and coaches-in-training also benefit as the program follows the CBTF Progressional Model Chart and helps coaches to understand the correct progression of twirling.

II.    The CBTF Level 1 and 2 Technical Coaching Courses – CBTF currently offers two levels of Technical Coaching Courses with a third level to be introduced soon. Participants are also required to obtain specific badges as well as take the NCCP parts A and B prior to full certification.

  1. Level 1 – Certifies one to Coach at the Recreational Level of the sport. (i.e. simple baton and body skills). Minimum age for this candidate is 14 (can coach under the supervision of a fully certified Level 1 Coach). Participant shall receive full certification at age 16 if all course requirements are met. 
  2. Level 2 – Certifies one to Coach and Judge Basic March, Forward Motion, Pre-Medley, Pre-Solo Dance Twirl, Pre-Solo, Pre-2-Baton, and Pre-Group. Minimum age to become a Level 2 Certified Coach is 16 and a Module 1 Certified judge is 18 (and no longer competing).

III.    The CBTF Module 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Judging Courses – CBTF offers five levels of judging courses:

  1. Module 1 – Training to judge the CBTF Pre-Events (Basic March, Forward Motion, Pre-Medley, Pre-Solo Dance Twirl, Pre-Solo, Pre-2-Baton and Pre-Group).
  2. Module 2 – Training to judge CBTF Individual and Duet Events (Medley, Solo Dance Twirl, Solo, Duet Twirl, 2-Baton, 3-Baton).
  3. Module 3 – Training to judge CBTF Groups (Twirl Corps, Parade Corps, Theme Corps)
  4. Module 4 – Training to judge CBTF Teams (Dance Twirl Team, CBTF Team)
  5. Module 5 – Training to become a “Masters Judge” (WBTF Freestyle, Pair, Team, Compulsories, Short Program, International Cup Events).

IV.    The CBTF Skills Development Adjudicator’s Course – CBTF offers 6 levels to become a certified Badge Adjudicator:

  1. C – Introductory
  2. S1 – Able to adjudicate Yellow, Orange, Red, Maroon
  3. S2 – Able to adjudicate Bronze Pin, Rolls 1, 2-Baton 1, Grey
  4. S3 – Able to adjudicate Green Silver Pin, Rolls 2, 2-Baton 2
  5. S4 – Able to adjudicate Turquoise, Pink, Gold Pin
  6. S5 – Rolls 3, 2-Baton 3, Diamond Pin

V.    The CBTF Loaner Baton Program – CBTF provides each provincial association with batons that can be used to introduce the sport of Baton Twirling to new members and communities. Coaches who participate in this program are encouraged to take these batons to performances, clinics, and schools to allow children to try the sport “hands on.” The purpose of this program is to aid in increasing membership on a national level.

VI.    Talking Technically Annual Newsletter – Each year the CBTF publishes and distributes an informative newsletter to the registered members of its Technical Association (coaches, judges, adjudicators & course conductors). It includes various reports from CBTF technical department heads, World Judges’ Reports, Conference Summaries, Provincial Championship Dates, Technical Committee Listings, informative articles, new and revised score sheets, Schedule for Canadians and Worlds, Proficiency Charts and Motion Lists from various meetings.

VII.    Access to CBTF Manuals and the CBTF Video/DVD Library – Manuals available to Purchase:

  • CBTF Policy Manual
  • CBTF Constitution and Bylaws
  • CBTF Technical Rule Book
  • CBTF Group Rules and Regulations Manual
  • CBTF Pre-Event Manual
  • CBTF Level 1 Coaching Manual
  • CBTF Level 2 Coaching and Module 1 Judging Manual
  • CBTF Skills Development Manual
  • CBTF Skills Development Adjudicator’s Handbook
  • CBTF Athletes’ Manual
  • CBTF Motion Handbook
  • CBTF Competition Directors’ Manual

Manuals can be ordered from: Kim Johnson, 1007 - 18 Street NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 4V6

VIII.    The CBTF Pre-Competitive Program - is designed for new athletes and gives them an opportunity to participate at CBTF sanctioned competitions with standard, easy-to-learn routines.  A booklet is available for purchase to assist coaches in teaching these routines.

IX.    The CBTF Official Music CD – contains all the standard selections of music for all CBTF and WBTF Events. This can be ordered from: Brenda Arsenault–LeBlanc, 66 Martindale Drive, Moncton, N.B., E1G 2J3.

X.    The opportunity to participate in CBTF Sanctioned Events – CBTF offers a wide range of competitive events to its members. Sanctioned Events are those that are approved by our organization and that carry insurance.

  • Pre-Events – Basic March, Forward Motion, Pre-Medley, Pre-Solo Dance Twirl, Pre-Solo, Pre-2-Baton, Pre-Group
  • Individual Competitive Events – Medley, Solo Dance Twirl, Solo, Duet Twirl, 2-Baton, 3-Baton
  • Competitive Group Events – CBTF Team, Dance Twirl Team, Twirl Corps, Parade Corps, Theme Corps
  • World Level Events – Jr and Sr Mens’ and Womens’ Freestyle, Pairs, Teams, Compulsories (Jr), Short Program (Sr).
  • International Cup Events – Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, Teams and Groups

XI.    The opportunity to compete in Local, Provincial, National and International Competitions – our members have the opportunity to compete at local, regional, provincial, national and international competitions.

XII.    The opportunity to participate in Camps and Clinics Nationwide – Many clinics (one day events) and camps (more than one day events) are offered nationwide to our members so they can increase their skill levels by taking instruction from top local, provincial, national and internationally qualified instructors.

XIII.    Accident and Liability Insurance – all registered members in good standing are insured at all levels of our sport (volunteers, coaches, judges, adjudicators, athletes).

XIV.    CBTF Website and links to several provincial sites – CBTF in currently in the process of upgrading their website. Many of our provincial associations have websites offering information to our members.

XV.    World Baton Twirling Federation Member - CBTF is a member of the World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) which has over 25 member countries.