In 1978, Lynda Garland was contacted by the newly formed World Baton Twirling Federation with an invitation for Canada to join the WBTF. Lynda sent letters across Canada to ask coaches, judges and administrators to come together to work on the formation of, what was then called, TWIRL CANADA

Prior to this time, each province worked independently of each other and each was affiliated with United States organizations. It was time to come together and form a national body to represent Baton Twirling in Canada!

At a meeting held in the fall of 1979, representatives from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta met at Mohawk College in Hamilton to discuss the formation of a unified national organization. Shortly after, the first Twirl Canada National Executive & Representatives were elected with Lynda being chosen as the first Twirl Canada President. 

Over the next few years, the following projects were completed by hard-working CBTF board members, committees and individuals:

  • Creation of the CBTF Code of Ethics & Conduct, Bylaws and Constitution
  • Creation of administrative policies, technical rules and competition procedures
  • Development of the CBTF Coaches and Judges programs and courses and many individuals were certified as CBTF Coaches and Judges. 
  • Introduced the CBTF Badge Program (now called the Skills Development Program)
  • Formation of the CBTF Sanction Process, Group Declaration Process and Canadian Team Trial Entry Procedures
  • British Columbia became a CBTF member shortly after 1980 with New Brunswick joining in 1990.  Quebec is in the initial stages of re-joining and Nova Scotia is poised to join CBTF in the very near future.
  • Assisted WBTF in preparing their first constitution and bylaws.

At the 1984 Annual General Meeting, on the recommendation of Sports Canada, Twirl Canada became known as the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (“CBTF”).