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In this video, “The Making of a Champion”, we get an inside look, up close and personal, of the training techniques that have consistently catapulted her students into Gold Medal Elite status. Here, we follow the journey of Junior Men’s World Champion, Keito Iwabuchi, from his early days of stretching and mastering basics to his crowning moment of World Championship Gold.

This emotional documentary will surely be an educational and inspirational piece of art that all coaches, judges, athletes and parents will always treasure.

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This 50-minute class-style video is full of valuable instruction for coaches and athletes alike - Maureen brings another collection of skills to the video screen. In a 'class' setting with one of her students, you will learn Slap Catches, so useful in today's contact material, Vertical back neck rolls, including the 'neck carry' variation, along with a a very useful tutorial in Fan Kink, a staple in all athletes' repertoire.

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WBTF will be offering once-a-month On-line Webinars this Fall for anyone who is interested in attending. 

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Thomas will teach you artistry and expression at its absolute finest - designing a complete routine on-screen. His movement and combinations can be adapted for all levels of athletes and this material can easily be used for Artistic Twirl and Freestyle. Athletes will have that “special look of quality” that will label them as a twirling “artist”.

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Kyle guides you through solo routine construction with tips and an emphasis on the B and A level. You will even get usable material to start a good base for your routines. PUTTING IT TOGETHER with International Coach, Kyle Keiser!

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In this 47-minute video, Maureen brings another collection of skills to the video screen. In a 'class' setting with one of her students, Maureen teaches some iconic rolls - the Brown Roll (named for Alison Brown), the now-iconic Singer Roll (name for Stacy Singer), some vertical and horizontal contact material for all levels of development, and some exercises for demi-pointe strength and hip flexibility. This is a MUST-HAVE for athletes and coaches alike.

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Are you new to the Freestyle Pair discipline? Daniele gives you a basic, yet comprehensive look at the components of the discipline. In addition, he shows video examples of various Pair ingredients from the entry level to upper levels of proficiency.

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Three Baton, “from the beginning with 2-baton ...” with the “Master of Multiple Baton” Ginnette Groome. Ginnette takes you from the very beginning of proper and safe 3-baton coaching. She gives you step-by-step methods of what to do in developing your 3-baton athletes by starting with 2-baton essentials which lays the foundation for 3-baton.

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Being the “3-Baton Diva of the World” Jen breaks down the essentials that all coaches and athletes should know: Pendulums, Crescents, Vertical Boxes, Horizontal Showers, and Bowling Pins... all staples of the 3-Baton discipline.

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This 53-minute video is CHOCK-FULL of valuable instruction for all coaches and athletes alike. She will take you the Back Pack monster roll variation, a vertical contact series, a horizontal contact series, and special exercises “at the barre” to help refine body technique for all athletes.

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In this video you will learn baton and body combinations like you’ve never seen before! His uncanny approach is so unique and mesmerizing you’ll think he’s floating on air … and he’ll show you his secrets!

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Athletes around the world have annually looked forward to and enjoyed TWIRL NATIONS clinics held at each international competition. During this pandemic, sadly, TWIRL NATIONS clinics cannot be held but the WBTF is hosting the next best thing...


The video used in the 2020-06 Master Judge Workshops (Europe and North America sessions) is available for use by WBTF Master Judge Clinicians.

There are two groups of video:

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The WBTF Executive Technical Committee announces the formulation of a virtual online WBTF Master Judges Workshop.      

There will be two virtual workshop opportunities coming soon! 

1.  FOR EUROPE - Saturday June 6 & 7, 2020

     Clinicians:  Xavier Papin, Elisabeth Kleive, and Concetta Murgia 


Saturday, June 6, 2020 9am-4pm Short Program 4pm-6pm Freestyle

Sunday, June 7, 2020 9am-4pm—Freestyle, Pairs and Teams

Workshop Location: Virtual


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March 25, 2020

WBTF has officially postponed the WBTF European Cup in Blanes, Spain and the 35th WBTF World Championship in Riccione, Italy.

The events have now been postponed to the summer of 2021    

The WBTF Managing Committee met today to finalize plans going forward.  Present at the conference: Sandi Wiemers, Nicky O’Neill, Paul Rutten, Jeff Johnson, Moto Tsuchiya, Paola DeMarchi, Jackie Stewart, Jean Michel Ruelle, and Karen Cammer.


Given the period of great difficulty we are all facing, is time to show that our spirit to meet, train and compete has not changed!

Therefore, we thought about #APARTBUTTOGETHER, hoping to involve also the other Twirling federations around the world! To feel less lonely and shorten the time before we can start again.

What we ask you is simple: - Take a picture of yourself holding the baton - Add the hashtag #apartbuttogether - Share it on your social media with the # and tag us!

It is true that we are apart but we will make it!


Here is a link you can use to preview and learn the routine.   

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Onsight Photo, the exclusive photographer at the 2020 Pan-Pacific Cup, has an online order form for anyone interested in purchasing photos from the competition.

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The year after the Tokyo Olympic 2020, the World Masters Games will be coming to Kansai.

The Sport of Baton Twirling has been selected as the Open Competition at WMG 2021 in Kansai.  The event will be open to twirlers around the world who are over 30 years old. The competition will be held at Hyogo Prefectural General Gymnasium from May 28 - 30, 2021.



WEBSITE GUIDE to buy TICKET for the competition.

1. Go to our official website

2. Go to the general menu in the left part of the website.

3. Click on Ticket Sales (ventra de entradas in Spanish).

4. You are now in the FEBD Ticket Sales website, only in Spanis. Pay attention!

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