Latest Revision: December 2018

The following Standardized routines are offered in the CBTF Pre-Competitive Program:

  • Basic March I and II
  • Forward Motion I and II
  • Medley I and II
  • Solo I and II
  • 2Baton I and II
  • Solo DanceTwirl I and II
  • Twirl Team I and II
  • DanceTwirl Team I and II

NOTE: Note that the first 40 count and last 16 counts of the Dance Twirl Team II standard routine are coach’s choice.

Latest Revision: December 2018



  • Score sheets shall include a grid in which to record various infractions however, no penalties will be deducted for Pre-Competitive Events. The severity of any drops, breaks, off pattern, etc shall be taken in consideration by the judge when establishing the Letter Grade.


Latest Revision: December 2018

CBTF Individual/Duet Events

Judges do not use stopwatches for these events.

Time Limits

Latest Revision: December 2018


Latest Revision: December 2018

CBTF does not have specific “rules” to govern costuming. Should a coach have a question or concern she/he should contact the CBTF Technical Chair prior to competition for clarification. The following guidelines are generally accepted by coaches and athletes:



  1. Baton Twirling is a sport – athlete’s costume and appearance must maintain a sporting image
  2. Safety of the athletes



Latest Revision: December 2018


These age determation rules apply to CBTF events only. They do not apply to the WBTF events (Freestyle, Pair) or competitions (Provincial or National Team Trials, WBTF International Cup, WBTF World Championship) - refer to the Age Divisions - WBTF Events section.

The age an athlete is as of midnight, December 31st for the next calendar year (their CBTF Age).


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Communication between coaches and judges is an important factor towards the growth and development of the sport as well as striving for the interests of the athlete and their support system. Just as coaches are professionals that are accountable to CBTF, athletes and parents for their decisions, judges are professionals accountable to CBTF, coaches, athletes and parents for their decisions.

Latest Revision: January 2019

In order to qualify to enter and compete at the Canadian Team Trials, Level A freestyle athletes, WBTF Pairs and WBTF Teams must enter and compete in their Provincial Team Trial competition in the same year.

In addition, Freestyle and Pair competitor must also attain a a Qualifying Score in any Round at their Provincial Team Trials. These Qualifying scores are:

Latest Revision: January 2019

  • Updated to show that Level A Freestyle is composed of Short Program and Freestyle only, in both Junior and Senior age divisions

The Qualifying Process to advance from Provincials to Nationals shall be as follows: