Technical Association Professionalism Policy

The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF) expects that a high standard of professional conduct will be maintained by all members of the CBTF Technical Association (ie: Judges, Coaches, SDP Adjudicators, Course Conductors).



CBTF Technical Association members shall:

  • Above all, agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulations, Constitution and Bylaws and Codes of Ethics & Conduct of the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation.
  • Maintain Member in Good Standing* status with CBTF and CBTF Technical Association
  • Be a positive and worthy role model for CBTF athletes, fellow professionals, parents and members.
  • Keep the best interests, welfare and safety of the athletes as their prime concern.
  • Bring no disgrace upon themselves or upon the profession.
  • Make no false claims concerning one’s own achievements or credentials.
  • Contribute harmony, respect, courtesy, fairness and mutual cooperation in all professional relationships.
  • Keep all personal and professional information deemed confidential undisclosed.

* “Member in Good Standing” is the status assigned to a member of CBTF when he/she:

  • Has remained current on organization dues and payments.
  • Has not behaved in a manner that would be grounds for suspension or expulsion from CBTF
  • Has not committed any felony or any other crime involving dishonesty, fraud or moral turpitude
  • Has not competed with the business of the CBTF either directly or indirectly
  • Has not exhibited willful neglect of his/her duties and responsibilities
  • Has not failed to comply with the rules, regulations, policies and codes of the CBTF

Should a Technical Association member have a complaint lodged against them, the CBTF Complaints Policy and Procedure shall be used to resolve the issue.

*** Approved by the CBTF Board of Directors at the 2016 Fall Conference ***