Revised Short Program Element 1 description and video

At the WBTF 2015 Summer Meeting, a change to Element Number 1 (Grand Jeté) of the Short Program was approved. I am bringing this to the attention of all Coaches and Judges as this change will be implemented immediately and will be in effect for the 2015-16 competitive season - all CBTF and WBTF competitions, including Team Trials and the World Championships.

For now, the WBTF has provided an updated written description and two example videos (a right leg example and a left leg example). WBTF does plan to update the role model video for this element but that will be done over the next several years. The video we do have is an example/demonstration video only - it it is not meant to be interpreted as a particular role model value. As far as the judging of the element goes, and as stated in the WBTF Technical Meeting Minutes:

The expectation for the leap has not changed- just the counts (catch on count 5) and the exit.

The written description of the element is attached below.




Ron Kopas
WBTF Judges Committee Representative