CBTF-Certified Adjudicators

As of April 20, 2024 - Adjudicators previously certified as S1 through S4 are currently working through a re-certification process under the revised Skills Development Program. The S1 through S4 certifications are no longer valid. The list below will be updated as these re-cerfications are processed.

SDP Adjudicator Levels

  • A1 = Yellow, Orange, Red, and Maroon badges
  • A2 = Grey, Green, Turquiose, Pink, Purple, Blue, Copper, and Black badges
  • A3 = Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Maple Leaf pins

Individuals who feel their information is incorrect or that are missing from the list are asked to use the CBTF Contact Us page to contact the sdprepatcbtf [dot] ca (CBTF SDP Representative) to determine their current status and any potential errors.






Arsenault-LeBlanc, Brenda NB x x x
Aucoin, Cassie NS x    
Best, Kelly ON x    
Bourgeois, Katrine NB x    
Corkum-Piluke, Kelda BC x x x
Cruickshank, Wendy AB x x x
De Jong, Caitlyn MB x    
Dermody, Loren AB x x x
Doherty, Cassidy ON x    
Doherty, Sarah ON x    
Egag, Amina SK x    
Fehres, Natalie AB x x x
Foster-Dmytruk, Shari AB x    
Frank, Elaina ON x    
Hewis, Stephanie ON x x x
James, Andrea ON x x x
Johnson, Jennifer ON x    
Johnson, Maureen SK x x x
Johnson, Sydney ON x    
Lemazurier, Arnaud QC x    
Lightheart, Nancy SK x x x
Lightheart, Sophie SK x    
McBeth, Ashley ON x    
Middleton, Debbie NB x x x
Middleton, Stephanie NB x    
Moser, Brigitte SK x    
Mougeot, Sara SK x x x
Olson, Jennifer ON x    
Paluck, Elan SK x x x
Patton, Taelyr AB x    
Peteleski, Dana MB x x x
Pickrell, Alison SK x    
Russell, Samantha AB x    
St. Coeur, Solange NB x    
Spencer, Shawna ON x    
Stanger, Meghan MB x    
Stewart, Julee SK x    
Weir, Sarah BC x