Music Labelling and Tagging

November 2021 - CBTF Protocol for music naming and tagging, revised as of November 2021.


  • Updated to include the Youth division (abbreviated as YT), as introduced by WBTF for the 2022 World Championship
  • Updated to include BA and BI divisions for Freestyle Solo (commonly called Freestyle) and Freestyle Pair (commonly called Pair)


The following club codes have been assigned from previous Canadian Winner/Championship competitions. If your club is not listed and you need a Club Code, please use the Contact Us page.

BC WEST Batons West Twirling Club
  KBK Kootenay Baton Connection
  XTRM Xtreme Talent
AB ASHT Airdrie Sky-High Twirlers
  BAT Baton and Dance Company
  CENT Centripetal Force
  HEAD Heads Up
  INSP Inspire
  NEW New Heights Baton Club
  NLTT Northern Lights Twirl Team
  REM Remix
  REV Revolutions Twirl Company
  STH Southside Baton Club
  NOVA Supernova Baton Club
  TFSN Twirl Fusion
SK OTC Optimist Twirling Connection
  PHX Phoenix Baton Club
  SMI Saskatoon Myracles Inc.
  STC Saskatoon Twirling Club
  SOBG Sundown Optimist Baton Group
  TOU Twirling' On Up
MB AFSN Aerial Fusion
  GRN Greendell Baton Club
  LBC Legacy Baton Club
  LEST Le Studio
  MNM Magic 'n Motion School
  PDBC Prairie Dynamics Baton Club
  SAK Sakura Baton Club
  TOBA Team Toba
  TNB True North Baton
  TNDC True North Dance Collective
  WTT Winnipeg Tempo Twirlers
ON COMT Ajax Comets
  CAM Camaros Baton Club
  GRAV Defying Gravity
  ECL Eclipse
  ESBC Etobicoke Spectrum
  FEST Festival City Twirlers
  INF Team Infinity
  KIN Kinetics
  NATS Nationals
  PZAZ Pizzazz
  SPCN Spectrum North Baton Club
  SLD Starlight Destiny
  SUBC Stars United Baton Club
QC CBSO Club Bâton Sportif Outaouais
NB EXP Baton Explosion
  ATLK Club Baton Atlantik
  ETIN Club Les Etincelles
  DAWN Dawnette Baton
  KLM KLM Twirling
  RBS Royal Baton Sportif
NS SPRK Sparklettes
  STAR Starlites