Judges' Uniform Policy

At the 2015 Fall Conference, the CBTF Judges Uniform Policy was updated (with slight revisions adopted at the 2016 Fall Conference). These revisions are meant to demonstrate professionalism to the public and create a sense of unity amongst our judges.

These changes also bring the CBTF policy closer into alignment with the WBTF Judges Uniform Policy.

All CBTF certified Judges hired to judge a CBTF sanctioned competition are expected to dress and appear professional at all times and must comply with the following uniform requirements:


  • professional, business style tailored black blazer/jacket black (must sit at hip or slightly below)
  • white collared blouse for women
  • white collared shirt for men with a Black, Red, White or Grey tie (or any combination of these colours)
  • full length tailored pants
  • plain, black, closed-toe dress shoes (flat or heel acceptable)

At the present time, scarves and ties are not allowed for female judges.

Disciplinary Action for Non-Compliance of Uniform Policy

  • 1st offence: $20.00
  • 2nd offence: $40.00
  • 3rd offence: To be dealt with by the CBTF Technical Committee

Penalty Assessment Procedure

  1. When a Competition Director, Head Judge (or other Judge if Head Judge is in violation) and/or Provincial or National Judges’ Representative witnesses a violation of the CBTF Judges’ Uniform Policy at a CBTF sanctioned competition, the Judge shall be approached.
  2. The appropriate fine shall then be deducted from the Judge’s fee and the amount forwarded to the CBTF Treasurer payable to “CBTF”.
  3. The Competition Director (or designate) shall then be responsible to notify, in writing, the CBTF Technical Chairperson, CBTF President, CBTF Treasurer and CBTF Judges’ Rep of the violation.  The letter shall be copied to the Judge in question.