CBTF Group Roster

Revised November/2023

Some reminders about Group Rosters:

  • Groups can be entered in the Primary division at Open and Provincial-level Competitions. At the Canadian Winner/Championships, the Primary division is combined with the Juvenile division.
  • All Competitive group events require a completed CBTF Group Roster. The Roster is not required for the Pre-Competitive team events.
  • Coaches are expected to establish the Level of their group only at the beginning of the season. Coaches should not change (raise or lower) the level of any particular group after the group's first competition. Mandatory Advancement, through scores received during the competition season, applies.
  • Group Rosters must accompany your Provincial Championship entry. However, some provinces do set an earlier deadline, so check with your Provincial Group Rep to be certain about the deadline in your particular situation.
  • Please note that Group Rosters are required for all competitive groups - whether they are entered in the Provincial Winner/Championship or not. These Rosters are required by the CBTF Data Entry Coordinator in order to correctly calculate points for the Group Challenge Cup - which accumulate points by club.

Clarification regarding submission:

  • Clubs complete and submit the Group Roster Forms to the Provincial Group Rep.
  • Forms can be printed and signed, OR,
  • Forms can be completed electronically (in MS Excel) and sent by email. In the case of email submissions, the Club is strongly encouraged to follow-up with the Provincial Group Rep to ensure the email was received.
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