CBTF Competitive Levels

Effective January 1, 2019 the CBTF Competitive Program will consist of 5 levels - C, BN, BI, BA and A.

This Five Levels Proposal was adopted at the 2018 CBTF Fall Conference and was also discussed at the 2019 What's New Webinar (available as a free download from the CBTF Store).

The advancement scores (Net Score, after all penalty deductions) for each level are:

  • Level C to BN: 2.50
  • Level BN to BI: 3.50
  • Level BI to BA: 5.00
  • Level BA to A: 7.00

Competition Directors are reminded that all competitions beginning January 1, 2019 must use these new levels.

Athletes and Coaches are reminded that they will enter in these new levels, based on their highest score received to date, for each event.