All-Round Champion Casting Call

The All-Round Champion tv show is currently searching for youth athletes (US and Canadian, ages 11-15 years old) who excel in their sport to compete for the title of All-Round Champion, hosted by Hurdling legend Perdita Felicien.

They've featured sports like High Bar Gymnastics which featured Kyle Shewfelt as their on-screen Sport Star, and Dance with Amanda Cleghorn. This time around, they're looking for incredible BATON athletes

If you're not familiar with the show, each season they take 10 athletes from completely different sports and every week one athlete teaches the rest how to compete in their sport alongside a legend in their sport (World Champion, Olympian, etc). Whoever does the best in the most sports other than their own will win the title of All-Round Champion. It's a great opportunity to not only grow as an athlete, but also great exposure to younger audiences across Canada and the USA for the sport.

For more information and to apply, click the link below:

Applications are due June 11th.