2013 Qualifier Schedule of Events

Please take note of the draft schedule for the 2013 Trillium Cup Open and International Cup Qualifier, as revised May 14, 2013.

Please be aware that times are approximate - event starts will not be held if the competition is running ahead of schedule.

Saturday May 18
8:00 am Trillium Cup Open group events
9:45 am Opening Ceremony
10:30 am Qualifier Team & Group Preliminary Round
11:00 am Trillium Cup Medley & SoloDance
11:45 am Trillium Cup Pre-Events
12:15 pm Trillium Cup Solo followed by Qualifier Solo Preliminary Round
3:15 pm Trillium Cup 2- & 3-Baton
4:15 pm Qualifier 2-Baton Preliminary Round
5:30 pm Supper Break
6:00 pm Qualifier 3-Baton Preliminary Round
Qualifier Artistic Twirl Preliminary Round
Qualifier Artistic Pair Preliminary Round


Sunday May 18
9:00 am Qualifier Semi-Final Rounds (Jr B Solo, Jr B 2-Baton, Jr B Artistic Twirl)
10:45 am Qualifier 3-Baton Final Round (all divisions)
11:30 am Lunch Break
12:30 pm Qualifier Final Rounds (Solo, 2-Baton, Artistic Twirl, Artistic Pair, Team, Group)
6:00 pm Award Ceremony