2013 IC Qualifier Practice Gym Schedule

The Practice Gym schedule, as of Apr 2, is attached below.

  South Gym (left-hand side) North Gym (right-hand side)
9:00 am Pizzazz AVAILABLE FOR RENT
10:00 am Pizzazz OTC
11:00 am Pizzazz OTC
12 noon Pizzazz Royal Baton
1:00 pm SOBG Baton Atlantik
2:00 pm SOBG Baton Atlantik
3:00 pm SOBG Manitoba
4:00 pm SOBG Manitoba
5:00 pm OTC Alberta - L&L
6:00 pm OTC Alberta - L&L

Competition officials recommend that you plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled practice time to complete the check-in and registration process (payment, receiving your pre-ordered shirts and official programs). The competition sound system will not be available, so bring your own music and player.

If your club/team/province is interested in securing additional time on May 17, contact Kim Genton (kimgentonatgmail [dot] com). Additional rental requests will be handled on a "first come-first serve" basis.