Renewed SDP Available in CanTwirl

January 12, 2022 - Now also available in the GooglePlay app store for Android devices.

January 10, 2022 - The renewed Skills Development Program, approved at the 2021 CBTF Fall Conference, is now available in CanTwirl. CanTwirl is available as a free download on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad devices, and also in the GooglePlay store for Android devices.

The renewed Skills Development Program is available by annual subscription within CanTwirl. The SDP subscription includes the entire Skills Development Program - all Badges, Pins, and Specialty Badges, including the new Blue Badge, Copper Badge, Black Badge, and Maple Leaf Pin!

The SDP features over 300 skills with video, written descriptions, and 'look for's to help all coaches and adjudicators. This comprehensive program boasts clear, achievable progressions through the whole program. The renewed Skills Development Program, which was approved at the 2021 Fall Conference, has taken a holistic approach:

  • The Start and End positions of each skill build toward the Compulsory Moves start and end positions
  • The program includes more combination-style skills, which helps prepare the athlete for skill combinations in performance and competitive routines
  • The SDP is aligned with CBTF's Long-Term Development program - covering all stages from Active Start, Fundamentials, Learn to Train, Train to Train, and Learn to Compete
  • Each Badge and Pin is divided into Baton Skills and Body Work, which are then categorized into different modes - which continue to be developed and expanded as the student journeys from Active Start I through the Maple Leaf Pin.

Plus, there are many helpful aids in each Skill:

  • Each Skill has a video clip to demonstrate that particular skill - no more scrubbing through long videos!
  • The demonstrations include a metronome tone, for Body Work that is rhythm-based
  • Some Body Work skills are performed "with support"
  • Each Skill includes helpful 'Look Fors', which aid Coaches and Adjudicators alike in developing correct technique and building proficiency

The renewed Skills Development Program is available by annual subscription of $29.99 CAD.