2021 Canadians - Preliminary Information

The 2021 Canadians will be run as a completely virtual competition - a 'yellow style' competition, from the Competitive and Pre-Competitive Opportunities and Phases created as part of our pandemic response.

The Athlete Commission is a key part of the planning committee - watch for more exciting special event announcements from them in the months and weeks leading up to the competition.

  • The Athlete Commission will be organizing a logo design contest! Watch for details coming out soon!
  • The traditional Friendship Exchange will be part of this virtual competition - the Athlete Commission is organizing a “Friendship Exchange with a spin” to make it easy to participate this year! You will have the ability to opt in or opt out on the entry form, and more information will be available in the entry package.


Below, you will find the details that we can share at this time in order for you to begin planning, and to allow families to begin making their decisions. We have tried to address all of the questions that came in with the survey responses. Additional details will be included in the entry package.The competition will be run using Zoom - athletes and judges will connect to our Canadians Zoom link.

  • More information to follow regarding how spectators will watch the competition.
  • Athletes will twirl at their own local location. Music will be played 'on location' by the athlete/coach.
  • There will be a process in place to address inclement weather and internet 'glitches'. These will be outlined in the entry package.
  • Only individual disciplines will be offered. These are: Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, Medley, Solo Dance Twirl, and Freestyle (including Compulsory Moves or Short Program).
  • There will be both Winner/Championship and Maple Leaf Open events.
  • Provincial qualification to enter Canadian Winner/Championship disciplines has been waived (subject to approval from the CBTF Board).
  • There will be separate categories for indoor and outdoor locations.
    • Athletes will not have to specify on the entry if they are twirling indoors or outdoors. This will allow you the flexibility to reserve/rent/book a gym based on the set system that is published. If you are not able to find a gym for your slot on the set system, you will be able to compete in the outdoor division.
    • Provinces or Clubs or groupings of athletes may choose to rent a facility for the events for their athletes. This is not dictated by CBTF, and is left as a decision for the athletes/clubs/provinces.
  • There will be no Gym Fee for this year's competition.
  • As a Yellow competition, results count for advancement.
  • The entry package will be available on April 15, 2021.
    • Entry forms will be submitted online by individual athletes, and payments will be made via eTransfer (details will be included in the entry package).
  • Entry and payment deadline will be May 15, 2021.
  • The Set System will be published May 31, 2021.
  • There will be a virtual presentation to announce the awards.
  • Medals will be mailed to award winners.
  • Merchandise for this unique competition will be available to order online.


Actual competition dates are dependent upon entries. The tentative dates are now set at July 2-5, 2021 and a detailed schedule will be finalized/published along with the set system on May 31, 2021.

Athletes will need good internet and video capabilities “on location”. We anticipate holding “dry runs” for any competitors interested in testing their technology/connections in the month of June. More information to follow.

The National Sanction will cover the individual twirling locations provided that the athlete completes this information in the designated area of the entry form.


We hope you find this information helpful, and we are excited to be planning this event for our athletes!


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