2013 Lynda Garland Award Announced

July 7, 2013 - The Lynda Garland "Award for Excellence" was presented for the fifth time at the Canadian Baton Twirling Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick. The recipient of Lynda Garland's "Award for Excellence" was Brenda Arsenault LeBlanc, of Moncton.

At the 2008 Canadian Championships in Moncton, NB, the CBTF recognized Lynda Garland's years of service to Baton Twirling in Canada and around the world by creating a new award that bears her name. Among Ms. Garland's many accomplishments, she was one of the founders of the Twirl Canada organization and was its first President from 1979 through 1983. Twirl Canada went on to become the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF), which was a charter member of the World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) when it was formed. Lynda served as President of the World Baton Twirling Federation between 1983 and 2008.

Ms. Garland established the criteria for the new award. The Lynda Garland "Award For Excellence" is presented to a Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF) Coach who exemplifies excellent, progressive coaching, superior technical abilities and provides innovative ideas and programs.

In presenting the award, Ms. Garland touched on the many highlights of Ms. Arsenault Leblanc's career:

Brenda has been developing the sport of baton twirling in the province of New Brunswick for numerous years.

She started her own club over 25 years ago with the name Brenda’s School of Twirling, which eventually changed to Club Baton Atlantik.  The “K” of Atlantik demonstrated that her club was bilingual, both English and French speaking.

She has been Technical Director with Baton New Brunswick for many years.  Brenda is also the CBTF Manuals and Music Co-ordinator.

Brenda has held many baton twirling clinics and Summer Day Workshops.  Former World Baton Twirling Champions Annetta Lucero and Stacy Singer have been some of the clinicians Brenda has aspired to come to New Brunswick to help many twirling athletes grow.

She offers a Skills Development Badge Clinic each year in which all of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia athletes are welcome to attend and earn their next badge or pin.

Brenda hosts Pre-Event Competitions as well as Baton New Brunswick Provincials, this year being the Host Co-ordinator for this prestigious event.

For the first time ever, Club Baton Atlantik performed at a half time Basketball game in Moncton this past year.

One of her previous students, Julian LeBlanc, has been involved in many acting positions and teaches dance. Julian was a guest at the last year Summer Workshop to expand his knowledge with Coaches and Twirlers to understand and develop more “Artistic” twirling.

Brenda has been one of the coaches encouraging Nova Scotia to become a member with CBTF and she is happy to say they have become members and have their provincial organization.

She was involved in figure skating before becoming a “baton twirler”.  Brenda started twirling at the age of 13 with Susan’s School of Twirling until age 16.  She started her own club at age 17 in Shediac, NB as an athlete and a coach.  Brenda retired from competition at the age of 25 after the 2001 Nationals in Calgary, Alberta coaching herself for 8 years.

In 1991, she completed the CBTF Level 1 Coaching Course and in 1992 she completed the NCCP Level 1. CBTF Level 2 Coaching course in 2001 and NCCP Level 2 in 2007; SDP Adjudicator and Course Conductor S5 in 2001 and Module 1 Judge in training.

In 2012, Brenda completed a Module 1 course in Acrobatic Arts.  Brenda is celebrating her 29th year of coaching.

Brenda coaches Monday in Memramcook, Tuesday in Moncton, Wednesday in Dieppe, Thursday in Notre-Dame and Friday in Dieppe. 

Her club, “Baton Atlantik”, has now grown past 100 twirling athletes.

Brenda offers baton twirling classes from the recreational “Learn To Twirl” program; introduction in baton twirling competition with the “Pre-Competitive” program; Skills Development Program with all athletes to participate; Competitive Program offering individual/duet and team events Solo, Medley, Solo Dance, Duet, 2-baton, 3-baton, Dance Twirl Teams, Pairs, Freestyle and CBTF Teams. Brenda has set up classes for Gymnastics, Dance, Theatre, Art and sports psychology with mini clinics to provide extra training for her athletes.

Her athletes have competed at Twirl Mania in Orlando, Florida in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Canadian Championships in 1990 (Montreal); 1991 (Calgary); 1994 (Newmarket); 1996 (Newmarket); 1997 (Edmonton); 1998 (Newmarket); 1999 (Vancouver); 2000 (Winnipeg); 2001 (Saskatoon); 2002 (New Brunswick); 2003 (Toronto); 2005 (Edmonton); 2006 (Toronto); 2007 (Regina); 2008 (New Brunswick); 2009 (Edmonton); 2010 (Toronto); 2011 (Winnipeg); 2012 (Regina).

Team Trials in May 2012 Club Baton Atlantik had two Level A athletes who competed for their first time at Team Trials in Barrie, Ontario.  Monica Boudreau competed with the Trans Canada Team and Annick Leger competed in the Level A Senior Freestyle.

In 2007, one coach and 3 of Brenda’s athletes had the opportunity to travel to Hamilton, Ontario to watch for the first time the 2007 International Cup/Worlds.  The club had the opportunity to send one athlete, Lisa Pitre to represent Canada at the 2009 International Cup in Sydney, Australia.

In August 2011, once again the club had 3 athletes:  Anika Boucher, Monica Boudreau and Annick Leger who qualified and represented Canada at the 2011 International Cup in Jacksonville, Florida.

In August 2012, Monica Boudreau qualified to represent Canada at the World Baton Twirling Championships in Paris, France with the Trans-Canada Team.  This was a first for the club to have an athlete compete on the World Stage.