WBTF Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 11b - Pan-Pacific Cup (last updated August 2019).

With permission from WBTF, this section of the WBTF Policy & Procedure manual is duplicated on our website for the benefit of our Technical membership.

This document many not be copied, duplicated or transmitted, in whole or in part, without express written permission from both the CBTF and the WBTF.

Group contact lists for the National and Provincial Boards and various CBTF Committees. We encourage you to use these group email lists to avoid missing someone.

We also maintain private contact lists for various groups, which are accessible by Board of Directors and Technical Committee members only. If you have access, please treat these lists with respect - they are meant to facilitate communication between Boards in each province; they are not meant for broad distribution.


Effective January 1, 2019 the CBTF Competitive Program will consist of 5 levels - C, BN, BI, BA and A.

The CBTF Long-Term Athlete Development model is attached below.

It depicts 8 stages of participation:

January 2017 - CBTF Protocol for music naming and tagging, revised as of September 2017.

CBTF Competition Director's Handbook, effective December 2016.

CBTF Pre-Competitive Program Handbook, updated September 2017.

March 2017 - Updated with minor corrections to match the written word to the videos
September 2017 - Dance Twirl Team II added

The CBTF Technical Reference Manual is now available online.

The current version has been updated to include all motions up to and including the 2015 Fall Conference.

The online version of the Technical Rulebook can be searched online using the website's search facility. Also, individual pages or sections can be printed using the print icon at the bottom of the page.

At the 2014 Fall Conference, the CBTF Board of Directors approved a Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPED) Program, designed to foster the development of Coaches, Judges, and Officials, in order to advance amateur twirling in Canada.