International Cup Qualifier - Declaration Process

Latest Revision: November 2018


All individuals, pairs, teams and groups that are interested in earning a spot on the Canadian Contingent to the International Cup must first declare their intent to compete by completing an International Cup Declaration Form. Separate forms are required for Individual, Pair and Team/Group events.

Competitors are required to declare which Events, Divisions and Levels he/she wishes to enter. Please refer to the WBTF’s Philosophy Statement For Equitable Competition Among International Cup Athletes:

It is the responsibility of the coach and athlete to enter the appropriate International Cup level based on the athlete’s true proficiency of skills and experience. The WBTF expects that all member countries will respect and honor these levels in order to uphold the integrity of International competition and promote an honest competitive environment.

By reviewing the content restrictions that are in place, athletes should enter the appropriate level based on their proficiency and competitive achievement. Athletes who compete at higher levels throughout the year in their respective countries, SHOULD NOT have routines “watered-down” in order to meet the content restriction requirement to compete at a lower level.

In addition, WBTF rules are in place to ensure a fair and equitable competition at the International Cup, particularly in the B divisions. Specifically, any athlete who has placed in the Semi-Finals or Finals at a World Championship in any event may not compete in any B Level event at a WBTF Cup competition.

The CBTF supports the WBTF Philosophy For Equitable Competition by issuing the following CBTF Declaration Policy: An athlete’s minimum competitive Level at International Cup shall be determined by their status level in the corresponding CBTF event. They may enter a higher International Cup level than their CBTF event status may dictate. The minimum ICup levels are determined as follows:

  IC Level B IC Level A IC Level Elite
Solo CBTF Level BN/BI Solo athletes CBTF Level A Solo athletes Current/former World Championship freestyle athletes AND athletes with an average score in Solo exceeding 7.5 at the 2018 Canadian Championship
2Baton CBTF Level BN/BI 2Baton athletes CBTF Level A 2Baton athletes Current/former World Championship freestyle athletes AND athletes with an average score in 2-Baton exceeding 7.5 at the 2018 Canadian Championship
3Baton CBTF Level BN/BI 3Baton athletes CBTF Level A 3Baton athletes Current/former World Championship freestyle athletes AND athletes with an average score in 3-Baton exceeding 7.5 at the 2018 Canadian Championship
Artistic Twirl CBTF Level BN/BI Solo Dance or Level B Freestyle athletes CBTF Level A Solo Dance or Level A Freestyle athletes Current/former World Championship freestyle athletes AND anyone with an average score in SoloDance exceeding 7.5 at the 2018 Canadian Championship
Artistic Pair CBTF Level BN/BI Duet or Level B Pair athletes CBTF Level A Duet or Level A Pair athletes Any Pair that has represented Canada at World Championship competition or any Pair that is comprised of current/former World Championship freestyle athletes.
Team Coaches should establish their Team/Group status in a manner consistent with the above guidelines.

Note: Deviations from this policy must be requested from the CBTF Technical Chair by the Declaration Deadline. Requests for exception will be referred to the ICup Declaration Review Committee, as established by the CBTF Executive. The Review Committee’s decision is binding.

No qualifying or minimum score is required to enter and compete at an International Cup Qualifier competition. All competitors must hold current CBTF Type A memberships and hold a valid & current Canadian passport. All competitors must be twelve (12) years of age or older as per WBTF Age Definition.

After the deadline date, the President shall post all declarations on the CBTF website.

A Team or Group who qualified for the International Cup Competition must compete with their full membership as listed on their International Cup Qualifier Entry Form (as per WBTF rules). Should a Team or Group need to revise its membership, it must provide a written request for permission to the CBTF Executive.

All athletes/pairs/teams/groups who have submitted a Declaration of Intent to Compete must compete at the International Cup Qualifier regardless of the number of declarations received for their division.


This Intent to Compete Declarations must also include a Declaration Deposit (as established by the CBTF Board of Directors, currently $200) per athlete. This fee is held as a deposit against future Contingent expenses and will be refunded if the athlete competes at the Qualifier but is not selected for the Contingent. If the athlete withdraws from participation in the Qualifier or International Cup, the Declaration Fee is not refunded.

NOTE: The Declaration Deposit is per person not per event or per entry. In the case of Team & Group, a deposit is required from each athlete. If an athlete is submitting declarations in multiple events, they are only required to submit a single Declaration Deposit.

NOTE: Alternate members for a pair, team or group shall be required to pay the same declaration deposit as regular members.


A late penalty fee (as established by the CBTF Board of Directors, currently $100) per person shall be assessed to those athletes who do not meet the deadline that was set to submit an Intent to Compete Form for the International Cup Qualifier. The fee shall go directly to CBTF and shall cover the administrative cost of processing late entries. The fee will not be applied towards any athlete expenses and shall be non-refundable.


  1. Should an athlete who has not declared for any event, wish to declare after the deadline date, she/he will be assessed the late penalty fee.
  2. Should an athlete (who has already declared his/her intent to compete) wish to change his/her declared level or add another event after the deadline date, no late penalty fee shall be assessed.
  3. These principles shall apply to individual, pair and team/group events. Example: if a new athlete (who has not declared in any other event) is added to a Group after the deadline date, the new member shall be assessed the late penalty fee (see #1) however if a Group member is exchanged for another athlete who was already declared in another event, there is no late penalty fee (see # 2).