Pre-Competitive Program Refresher Course

February 24, 2017 - CBTF is proud of the Pre-Competitive Program that has been in existence for over 15 years. Many of our current elite level athletes started out in the program over 10 years ago, and are now realizing the rewards.

Over the past two years, we have completed a major review of the Pre-Competitive Program and have implemented a number of changes. The Education Committee has created an online Pre-Competitive Program Refresher to help ensure that all of our coaches and judges have the information that they need in order to properly teach and adjudicate the standard routines of our Pre-Competitive Program.

This interactive Refresher Course includes online slides, video and some quiz elements. Once you have completed all components in the Refresher, the CBTF Membership Database will be updated and you will be able to provide feedback through an online survey.

The Pre-Competitive Program is an important component in the overall CBTF Progressional Model. The program not only provides opportunity to the athlete, but also to our coaches and judges. Having standardized routines allows for our Level 1 Coaches to focus on technique and execution of skills with their athletes, rather than being concerned about choreography. Likewise, Module 1 Judges can also focus on technique, execution, and their newly acquired assessment skills in a controlled and predictable atmosphere.

The Education Committee thanks the OBTA and Catherine Lemyre, as well as Maureen Johnson, for their video and technical contributions to this Refresher.

Please access the Pre-Competitive Program Refresher and then register your name so we can update your status in the CBTF Membership Database.