Flag Bearer Policy

In recognition of their position and/or achievements, the following athletes shall be given the honour of carrying the Canadian Flag at the following events in a given year:


  • Open Competitions: Province’s choice.
    Suggestions: Provincial Athletes Rep, provincial winner or champion from previous year
  • Provincial Winner/Championship: Province’s choice.
    Suggestions: Past year’s Provincial Sr Freestyle Champion or Provincial Jr Freestyle Champion, Provincial Athletes Rep


  • International Cup Qualifier, Canadian Team Trials – Opening Ceremony: Choice of local Organizing Committee
  • Canadian Winner/Championship – Opening Ceremony: CBTF Athletes Rep. If that person is not present, choice of local Organizing Committee


  • Pan Pacific, International Cup, Grand Prix, World Championship – Opening Ceremony: The current CBTF Overall Athlete of the Year. If that person is not present, the following order of selection would be:
    • 2nd – Senior Female
    • 3rd – Junior Female
    • 4th – Senior Male
    • 5th – Junior Male
    • 6th – selected by the CBTF Executive
  • Pan Pacific, International Cup, Grand Prix, World Championship – Closing Ceremony: The flag bearer shall be chosen through a secret voting procedure of all the athletes who are on that year’s Canadian Contingent to the event. The voting procedure will take place as close as possible to the close of the competition. The intent is for the athletes to select the athlete they feel best represented Canada through their actions and accomplishments at the event.


  • The CBTF 1st Vice-President (Awards Chair) shall maintain records of the Flag Bearers for each Ceremony.
  • Prior to National Events, the 1st VP shall confirm the name of the Opening Ceremony’s Flag Bearer with the Host Province Coordinator and contact the designated Flag Bearer to advise that he/she will be carrying the Canadian Flag.
  • Prior to International Events, the 1st VP will confirm the Opening Ceremony’s Flag Bearer’s name with the Contingent Coordinator.

Revision 1 - September 2018