Course Conductor Selection Procedures

Revision 6 - March 2015



Committee Composition

The Committee shall be comprised of the members of the CBTF Education Committee (total of 6 members) all of whom, including the CBTF Technical Chair, shall have voting privileges. The CBTF President, as an Ex Officio member of both committees, shall attend the meetings but have no voting privileges except in the case of a tie.

Committee Responsibilities

The Committee shall make all decisions in respect to the selection of all CBTF Course Conductors.

The Committee shall be responsible to the CBTF Board of Directors.

The Committee shall be responsible to:

  • conduct reviews of individual Course Conductors from time to time
  • invite individuals to become Course Conductors
  • appoint individuals as Course Conductors
  • remove those individuals who are not meeting the expectations and standards, those who are inactive and those who no longer hold a CBTF membership.

All Committee revisions, updates & recommendations must be approved by the CBTF Board of Directors.

Committee Procedures

From time to time, the Committee shall review the current Course Conductor List and determine which Course Conductors are meeting and maintaining the expectations and standards required to teach the following courses:

  • SDP Adjudication Course
    • Section 1 taught in face-to-face course; other Sections taught via online courses
  • Coaches Courses
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
    • Level 3 (upon completion)
  • Judges Courses
    • Module 1
    • Module 2
    • Module 3
    • Note: WBTF Master Course Conductors are determined by WBTF

Course surveys and questionnaires distributed at the conclusion of all CBTF courses will assist the Selection Committee in updating Course Conductor Lists.

Once the Committee has completed its review, it shall make a Recommendation to the CBTF Board of Directors for approval and acceptance of the revised List.



  1. To teach all Sections of the SDP, an SDP Adjudicators’ Course Applicant must be an S4 Adjudicator.
  2. To teach all Levels of the CBTF Coaches Course, a Coaches’ Course Applicant must be a Certified Level 3 Coach.
  3. To teach all Modules of the CBTF Judges Course, a Judges’ Course Applicant must be a Master Judge.
  4. Other individuals may be selected at the discretion of the Committee.



Individuals who are certified as CBTF Course Conductors shall meet and maintain the following Expectations & Standards:

  • Be a Member in Good Standing with the CBTF.
  • Be a current member of CBTF and the CBTF Technical Association.
  • Have a minimum of ten (10) years involvement in the Sport of Baton Twirling.
  • Possess sufficient CBTF technical knowledge as it pertains to adjudicating, coaching or judging.
  • Endorse CBTF coaching & judging philosophies.
  • Possess high ethical standards.
  • Shall never have had any disciplinary action taken against him/herself.
  • Possess the following qualities: presentation abilities, professionalism, reliability, self-motivation, dedication, impartiality and maturity.

In order to retain Course Conductor status, CBTF Course Conductors must:

  • participate in all Updating Seminars/Webinars that pertain to the courses they teach and to contribute to the development and updating of said courses.
  • maintain awareness of the current rules and policies of CBTF and support CBTF in its goals, achievements and development.



There are two ways in which an individual may become a CBTF Course Conductor:

  1. The Committee shall seek out individuals who fulfill the Course Conductor guidelines, expectations and standards.
  2. An individual who wishes to apply to become a Course Conductor shall follow these procedures:
    1. Obtain & complete the CBTF Course Conductor Application Form on the CBTF website. Applicant must provide at least one (1) Reference Letter with the Application Form.
    2. The Applicant shall submit her/his Application with at least one (1) reference/endorsement letter to the CBTF Technical Chairperson via email (technicalchairatcbtf [dot] ca). Copies of all documentation shall be distributed to the Committee members.

After Committee review, Applicants shall be categorized as follows:

  • Fully Certified (upon Board approval)
  • Conditionally Certified (must meet certain conditions as set out by the Committee; once conditions are met, then Applicant shall receive Full Certification upon Board approval – See “Conditional Certification” below)
  • Not Accepted

The Technical Chair shall send out the list of Applicants who have received Full Certification and Conditional Certification (listing the conditions that must be met) to the CBTF Board of Directors. The list shall be reviewed and voted upon either at a CBTF Board of Directors Meeting or via an electronic meeting called by the President.

Once the Board has completed voting, the CBTF Technical Chair shall be responsible to inform the Applicant(s) of the outcome. Each Applicant’s Provincial Chair, Provincial Technical Chair and the Committee members shall be copied on the email.

An updated listing of all Fully Certified Course Conductors’ names shall be posted on the CBTF website.

The names of those with Conditional Certification shall also be listed on the Course Conductor List on the website with special notation that they cannot be hired without the written permission of the Committee.

Fully Certified Course Conductors shall receive the following materials free of charge from the CBTF Media Coordinator:

  • Course Manual
  • Course Conductor Handbook
  • Applicable dvd’s
  • Any other materials relevant to each course



Should an Applicant receive a Conditional Certification, the Committee may choose to require that one or more of the following conditions must be met before receiving Full Certification:

  • Participate in a CBTF Course Update (usually on a webinar)
  • Sit in on the course with a Fully Certified Course Conductor (may be encouraged to write the exams; must be present during the entire course)
  • Any other conditions shall be determined by the Committee on a “case-by-case” basis.

The Committee shall be responsible to monitor and assist the Conditional applicants in fulfilling any assigned conditions.



The Committee may require the removal of course conductor status of a person whom the Committee feels is not meeting the expectations and standards as listed above. After thorough consideration, a recommendation from the Committee shall be forwarded to the Board of Directors for review and acceptance. All course materials must be returned to the CBTF. The Technical Chair shall be responsible to contact the individual to inform them of the decision.