Continuing Professional Development Program

At the 2014 Fall Conference, the CBTF Board of Directors approved a Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPED) Program, designed to foster the development of Coaches, Judges, and Officials, in order to advance amateur twirling in Canada. The program is effective January 1, 2015, and, at present, relies on Coaches, Judges, Adjudicators and Course Conductors to self-track their activities for this program in both development and education components.

The attached document outlines the credits required as well as the activities that can earn credits.

Coaches, Judges, Adjudicators and Course Conductors may apply to the CBTF Education Committee for approval for hours for participating in development in other ways, provided they meet the philosophy of the CPED Program. Details of any activity should be sent to the CBTF Technical Chair for consideration.

The attached CPED Program document will be updated from time to time. Technical professionals should subscribe to this page so they will receive an email automatically whenever this page is updated.

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