Compulsory 9 Progression: Level C to B to A

At the 2016 Fall Conference, the Level C (also SDP Silver Pin) and Level B (also SDP Gold Pin) Compulsory #9 was modifed. These changes were made to make a better progression from Level C through Level B and Level A/WBTF Elite.

The demonstration video below shows the revised versions of the Level C and Level B version. The Level A/WBTF Elite version is included in the video, to show the complete progression. There were no changes to the definition of the Level A/WBTF Elite version.

This revised version of Compulsory #9 is now the only approved version for Level C and B competition, and for Silver Pin and Gold Pin SDP grading.

Related supporting material (SDP Grading Sheets, SDP Manual, et cetera) will be posted as soon as those updates are completed.


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