2019 Fall Conference Minutes

Minutes from the various meetings that were held at the 2019 Fall Conference are attached:

  • Fall Conference Motion List (2019 Fall Conference Summary of Motions.pdf) (Updated November 1 2019 to include an Effective Date on FBM19-28)
  • Fall Technical Committee Meeting (2019 FTM Minutes for Distribution.pdf)
  • Joint Board & Technical Committee Meeting (2019 CBTF FBM Joint_Minutes for Approval.pdf)
  • Fall Executive Meeting (2019 CBTF FEM_Minutes for Approval.pdf)
  • Fall Board Meeting (2019 CBTF FBM_Minutes for Approval.pdf)

As well as supporting material from those meetings:

  • Fall Technical Meeting (2019 FTM Reports.zip)
  • Joint Board & Technical Committee Meeting (2019 FBM Joint Meeting_Supporting Documents.zip)
  • Fall Board Meeting (2019 FBM_Supporting Documents.zip)