Role Model DVD - CBTF/WBTF Compulsory & Short Program


Updated October 2017 with new WBTF Short Program role models and new demonstration video for CBTF Level B and Level C compulsories

Role Model video for the following CBTF and WBTF events:

  • WBTF/CBTF Level A Compulsories, Set A and Set B
  • CBTF Level B Compulsories Demonstration, Set A and Set B - Front view & Back view
  • CBTF Level C Compulsories Demonstration - Front view & Back view
  • WBTF Short Program Proficiency Examples, all Required Elements

This Role Model DVD is in effect as of October 1, 2017

New in 2017! Role Model video is provided in both DVD format and downloadable files.

Price: $25.00