Role Model DVD - CBTF Individual Events


Role Model video for the following CBTF and WBTF events:

  • Solo (CBTF & WBTF)
  • 2-Baton (CBTF & WBTF)
  • 3-Baton (CBTF & WBTF)
  • Medley
  • Solo Dance Twirl
  • Duet

This Role Model DVD is in effect as of January 1, 2013.

Many of the performances on this Role Model Video have been provided by the WBTF and are the same performances as used on the WBTF International Cup Solo Role Model DVD.

The CBTF Event Expectations and Proficiency Scale have been applied - so the sub-ranges and scores applied on this CBTF Role Model Video are not necessarily the same as the WBTF values.

Price: $25.00