CBTF Competition Score Sheet CD

All the documents a Competition Director needs... The Competition Score Sheet CD is available for download. Files can be downloaded individually or as a complete archive.

Please take a moment to ensure you have the most up-to-date version on-hand for your competitions.

Revisions for the 2017-18 Competition Season

  • Judges
    • Revised Judges Contract
  • Skills Development Program
    • Revised Silver Pin Grading Sheet
  • WBTF Events
    • Revised C Compulsory Scoresheet & Master

Files can also be downloaded indvidually by clicking on the desired file and saving on your computer using your browser.

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Comment Sheet.pdf71.97 KB2017-10-19 14:56
Critique Sheet (Sep 2012).pdf42.05 KB2017-10-19 14:56
Dance Twirl Team Score Sheet - November 2010.pdf61.29 KB2017-10-19 14:56
Group Events Judges Master - October 2016.pdf464.61 KB2017-10-19 14:56
Group Events Penalty Sheet - October 2016.pdf480.54 KB2017-10-19 14:57
Group Events Tab Master - October 2016.pdf465.38 KB2017-10-19 14:58
Pom Pom Team Score Sheet January 2009.pdf95.21 KB2017-10-19 14:58
Twirl Team Score Sheet - December 2016.pdf471.43 KB2017-10-19 14:58
WBTF Artistic Group Score Sheet - October 2016.pdf460.98 KB2017-10-19 14:58
WBTF Freestyle Team Score Sheet - October 2016.pdf463.84 KB2017-10-19 14:59

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