Welcome Back

 To all the Coaches across our country, welcome back to another season of baton twirling! Another season where we all have the opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of our students. We offer the opportunity to learn the exciting sport of baton twirling, but we all know it is so much more than that. We teach manners, we provide friendships, we create an environment that demands goal setting and with that goal setting the realization of someone recognizing their true potential. Dreams are made and hopes of excting days ahead begin! Its not however all about what we can do for our students. The experience of coaching often teaches us a great deal about ourselves. Our strengths as people, our level of passion for our sport, and the patience it takes to make a difference in a student's success!

 It really is an exciting opportunity! If you are reading this you are probably embarking on another year of coaching. What can we all do to be a little better this year than last? If its your first year, how do you want your students to see you as a professional? What do you remember most about your own coach? It's important, regardless of how long you have coached, to reach out and learn from others. A simple email to some of our accomplished coaches, asking for some suggestions, or their reflections on what has worked, and what hasn't, gives you another opinion to work with. This may be the start of a new relationship for yourself. A coach is committed to teaching but at the same time so should they be passionate about learning.

I saw at this years Canadian Championships many devoted coaches! Our young athletes showed promise for the future and our Canadain Champions showed their commitement to technical awareness as well as their artistry!

It was such a pleasure to attend this year's World Championships in Paris. Maureen, Loren, Leisha, Kristen and Brenda were an inspiration for us all. This year they represented Canada as our elite coaches on the World Stage. Their routines displayed Canada's creativity,their technical awareness, and their vision for our sport. We were all very proud of them. It really is thought provoking to watch the relationship at this level between coach and athlete. The amount of trust that is displayed, and the confidence that each other share in their journey, is truly motivational.

I wish you all a wonderful year! May you have moments where you hold your breath with excitement and times when you console your athletes through disapointment. Both ends of the spectrum are valuable and push us to reflect, create, and design our path as a coach.


            It's another year,  Its a journey.........one thats just beginning.

                                                                          Good Luck!



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