CBTF Cookbook Challenge

Updated Apr 5 2010 - The CBTF is putting together a cookbook full of recipes from past and present members. We are working toward having it available for sale this year as part of CBTF's focus on national fundraising.

Thanks to everyone that has submitted recipes - the recipe collection period is now closed.

The Cookbook Committee is now hard at work sifting through the hundreds of submissions to put together an outstanding cookbook.

Additions since our last update (Mar 9):

  • Aerial Fusion (MB) have taken over sole possession of the third spot on the Club Leaderboard, with 29 submissions.
  • Two newcomers to the Club Leaderboard: Anola HEAT (2 submissions), Batons West Twirling Club (1 submission)
  • There are several newcomers to the Individual Leaderboard: Maureen Johnson (12 submissions), Edie Parisian (5 submissions), Tammy Mcfarland (3 submissions)

The statistics below show the rankings of all provinces and clubs, as well as Individuals with 3 or more recipe submissions.

Provincial Ranking

Province Number Recipes
Saskatchewan 217
Ontario 74
Manitoba 38
Alberta 18
New Brunswick 18
British Columbia 9
Nova Scotia 2
Quebec 1

Club Ranking

Club Number Recipes
Sundown Optimist Buffalo Gals 126
Optimist Twirling Connection 69
Aerial Fusion 29
Etobicoke Spectrum 20
Club Baton Atlantik 17
Saskatoon Myracles 10
Kootenay Baton Konnection
Tornados Baton Studio
Baton Connection
Studio D Dynamo Dance & Baton
Twirlin' On Up
Nationals Baton Corps 4
Greendell Community Center
Hub City Twirlers
Ajax Comets
Anola HEAT
Halifax Sparklettes
Lakewood Baton
Airdrie Sky High Twirlers
The Baton & Dance Company
Batons West Twirling Club
Defying Gravity
Les Etincelles
Magic 'n Motion
New Heights Baton Club
Southside Baton Club
Twirl Fusion
Winnipeg Tempo Twirlers

Top Individuals

Individual Number Recipes
Andrea Taylorson 33
Michelle Bretherick
Maureen Johnson
Karen Reimer
Joanne Moser 10
Jill Brennan
Connie Camponi
Christine Andrews
Penny Condon
Stephanie Hewis
Janice Larkin
Sue Mepham
Shari Foster 7
Jeff Johnson
Stacy Singer
Cindy Dietrich
Kira Gerein
Megan Kirzinger
Deardra Leslie
Lucie Morin
Edie Parisian
Brenda Arsenault LeBlanc
Gail Ashcroft
Charlene Cebula
Sharon Kalinski
Corinna Klassen
Sheryl Baraniuk
Heather Dietrich
Kim Genton
Brigid Malloy
Tammy Mcfarland
Brenda O'Connor
Alison Pickrell
Bonnie Runge
Elva Taylor
LeeAnn Wilson

Note: Please be aware that the cookbook editors will determine which recipes are actually published. Not all recipes from all contributors will necessarily be published.

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Deadline Extended

The response so far has been good, but we can make it great...

Please note that the deadline for submitting your recipes has been extended to March 15.