SPEED DRILL CHALLENGE at Canadians July 7, 2010 is hosting a Speed Drill Challenge during the CBTF Championships on July 7, 2010 during the lunch hour. Please see the explanation below:

Flip’n’Speed Drill Challenge

One of the items on the website beginning September 1 will be speed drill challenges for athletes to promote speed and concentration.
Length of time to host is 7 minutes - total

• Could include all athlete participants – optional participation
• Drill – Facing right side, right hand thumb flip at the back catch LH, LH
thumb flip at the front catch, continue for one minute.
• Count their own flips for a duration of 1 minute
• Final round held
• Final round winner is the person that completes the most thumb flips in 1

• They receive Speed Drill Challenge Apparel
• We are going to be promoting this mini event at all the competitions that
we partake in.
• Led by Myra Kirk
• Play music supplied by
• May be a separate division for the coaches – prize is bragging rights
For demonstration see:
Facebook Canadian Winner Championships
Face Book Myra Kirk
Event Launch
For Demonstration & Rules

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