Competition Judge Listing

Please use this form to submit the judges that have been selected for your upcoming competition.

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Course Conductor Application Form

Course Conductors are, generally, invited to apply by the CBTF Education Committee. If you wish to apply to become a CBTF Course Conductor without being invited by the Education Committee, please complete the attached form.

Submit Your Event

Please use this form to submit an event for posting on the CBTF.CA Event Calendar.

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Competition Results Submission Form

Please use this form to submit your CBTF-sanctioned competition results to the CBTF Data Entry Coordinator.

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Membership Forms (Direct Membership)

These membership forms should only be used by people living in a province that does not have a CBTF-affiliated provincial organizing body (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland). Read more »

CBTF Bodysuit Order Form

The Official CBTF Bodysuit can now be ordered online at Payment is handled with PayPal, but a PayPal account is not required. Read more »

CBTF Accident Injury Report

The Accident and Injury-related insurance forms have been updated, as of January/2010. Please destroy any old forms you may have and use the current forms. The attached forms should be used to record any accidents or injuries that might occur at any CBTF-santioned event. These forms have been approved for use by our insurance broker. Read more »

CBTF Sanction Request Form

CBTF Insurance Certificate Request Form

Please use this form when requesting insurance certificates from the CBTF insurance broker.

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WBTF Team Declaration Form

As a result of FBM 2009 Motion 14, the WBTF Team Declaration Form is no longer required - the Provincial Trials/Championships entry form shall serve the purpose of the Team declaration.