CBTF Coaching Program Realignment - Project Update Webinar

Material from the February 2018 webinar that provided an update on the Coaching Program Realignment Project is now available for viewing online. The recorded webinar and the slides (including slides added from the Q&A portion of the webinar) are both listed below.

The Coaching Program Realignment is making several significant changes to the CBTF Coaching education programs: Read more »

2-Baton Skills and Drills for the Pre-Competitive Athlete

August 27, 2017 - These skills are from the former Bronze 2-Baton pin of the CBTF Skills Development Program. The Bronze 2-Baton pin has been replaced with the 2-Baton I routine, however the skills included here are excellent drills for any athlete starting to learn 2-Baton.

Compulsory 9 Progression: Level C to B to A

At the 2016 Fall Conference, the Level C (also SDP Silver Pin) and Level B (also SDP Gold Pin) Compulsory #9 was modifed. These changes were made to make a better progression from Level C through Level B and Level A/WBTF Elite. Read more »

Technical Association Professionalism Policy

The Canadian Baton Twirling Federation (CBTF) expects that a high standard of professional conduct will be maintained by all members of the CBTF Technical Association (ie: Judges, Coaches, SDP Adjudicators, Course Conductors).



CBTF Technical Association members shall: Read more »

Coaching & Judging Tools: Compulsory Moves (Level B & C Descriptions)

October 2017 - Changes to the Level C Compulsories (SDP Silver Pin) and Level B Compulsories (SDP Gold Pin) were approved at the 2017 Fall Conference. The revised descriptions are attached below. The revised video demonstrations have been posted online, on the WBTF Role Model page. Read more »

CPED Tracking Sheet

February 1, 2016 - The attached tracking sheet, contributed by Tracy Eyssens, is being provided for all Technical Members to use to record their Continuing Professional Development activities during this interim period until these can be tracked directly in the CBTF Membership Database. Read more »

Continuing Professional Development Program

At the 2014 Fall Conference, the CBTF Board of Directors approved a Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPED) Program, designed to foster the development of Coaches, Judges, and Officials, in order to advance amateur twirling in Canada. Read more »

Revised Short Program Element 1 description and video

At the WBTF 2015 Summer Meeting, a change to Element Number 1 (Grand Jeté) of the Short Program was approved. I am bringing this to the attention of all Coaches and Judges as this change will be implemented immediately and will be in effect for the 2015-16 competitive season - all CBTF and WBTF competitions, including Team Trials and the World Championships. Read more »

What's New Webinar - January 2015

The January 2015 What's New Webinar is now available for viewing online. Each segment is also viewable as a separate video.

The slides used in the presentation are attached below. Read more »

What's New Webinar - January 2014

The January 2014 What's New Webinar is now available for viewing online. Each segment is also viewable as a separate video.

The slides used in the presentation are attached below.

The video and audio links referenced during the presentation are available: Read more »