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November 30, 2010 - The CBTF is announcing today a new partnership with Preferred One Integrated Marketing Solutions: Shop & Support. This program provides CBTF clubs a new revenue stream to help support their baton twirling activities.

The Shop and Support Program is the easiest, best way for clubs to raise money on a consistent basis through your supporters' everyday shopping. It's simple! Clubs purchase gift cards and certificates from PREFERRED ONE at a discount. The club sells them at full-face value and keeps the difference for fundraising activities. Your supporters use the cards & certificates to purchase goods and services at 100's of national and local establishments, including leading retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants.

To participate, the CBTF club enrols with Shop & Support using the Shop & Support Enrolment Form. Upon successful enrolment, the club coordinator will receive an information package and can begin processing orders right away.

Consider this testimonial from the Ajax Aquatic Swim Club:

This program is an effortless form of fund-raising for the Ajax Aquatic Swim Club with the potential of significant cash subsidies to the ever increasing cost of running the ‘not for profit' swim program.

Cards are purchased at face value with no additional cost to a family. Consider a weekly family outlay for groceries and gas of $200, a typical return to the Swim Club is $4. Multiply this by 60 member families and the total becomes $240 per week. Yearly this yields over $12,000 to the club or approximately 5% of the operating cost. Active participation by the Swim Club families has the potential to double or triple the amount.

Program Enrolment Forms are available online, in the Document Library. Sample Order Forms and a template 'Dear Supporter' letter, are also available in the CBTF Document Library.

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