John L. Smetzler

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Smetzler's Baton Twirling School

I, also, went to his camp in Watkin's Glen for several years in the 60's. At the age of 14, I received my Beginners Teachers Certificate. A lot of great memories and a life long friend was made.

Smetzlers Baton Camp

Watkins Glen N.Y!!! Baton Camp. I was 9. the first time I Met Mr. Smetzler and Ron Copus, Wayne Copus, and so many exceptional teachers at Baton Camp!!! I still have my autograph book. A wonderful man and his wife, warm, caring and treated me like thier kiddo. I had an accident so spent my 2nd week under a tree....Mr. Shea doing drills at night, loved them!!! my presentation of the Flea which I forgot and ran off crying lol... Tootsie rolls after dinner, wonderful oatmeal for breakfast and the best hot chocolate. Hanging my sleeping bag over the line in the morning, walks up the mountain and swimming in the tiny lake with the fish lol... I went back for 2 more years and learned so much at Smetzlers Baton camp :) Many wonderful memories that I hold close to my heart :)

Susan Bishop Burch if anyone also remembers write duncsue [at] emirates [dot] net [dot] ae ;)