2017 International Cup Declaration Process

December 10 2016 - Declaration Lists for all 2017 International Cup events are attached. Errors or omissions or corrections should be reported by email to ic2017 [at] cbtf [dot] ca.

These lists are based upon information received from the declarations. It has been verified for compliance with the CBTF Declaration Policy. Please check the events entered to confirm the accuracy of events your athletes have entered.

Declarations received after November 30, 2016, must be accompanied by a late fee, which will be set by the Board of Directors. Notice of that fee will be posted shortly. That fee is retained by CBTF and not applied against any athlete costs, as it covers the excess costs of administration for late entries.


File 2017_IC_Declaration_-_Solo_as_of_20161204.pdf10/12/16 3:32 am76.7 KB
File 2017_IC_Declaration_-_2Baton_as_of_20161204.pdf10/12/16 3:32 am76.88 KB
File 2017_IC_Declaration_-_3Baton_as_of_20161204.pdf10/12/16 3:32 am75.71 KB
File 2017_IC_Declaration_-_Artistic_Twirl_as_of_20161204.pdf10/12/16 3:32 am76.76 KB
File 2017_IC_Declaration_-_Artistic_Pair_as_of_20161204.pdf10/12/16 3:32 am72.94 KB
File 2017_IC_Declaration_-_Team_as_of_20161204.pdf10/12/16 3:33 am106.86 KB
File 2017_IC_Declaration_-_Group_as_of_20161204.pdf10/12/16 3:33 am75.44 KB
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